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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

At the Close

A freezing cold night would it be
Or a warm, sunny day with light showers?
A rainy, windy dusk in autumn it rather be
Or a dry, torrid unpleasant hour?

The world won’t stop moving forward,
Nor will the ants stop at work.
Neither will the breeze stop flowing,
Nor will the butterfly’s flutter cause a jerk.

It will remain mundane as it always has been
No interesting times further, or prior.
Will there be a few clad in black
When the clock strikes its final hour?

Neither the existence nor the end of one
Will cause even a mild stir.
The tale of ignominy shall continue
From January to December.

Those few glorious moments neatly tucked in
Will evaporate from living memory.
“He was a jolly good fellow
Who spent his life in pointless drudgery”.

An earthy box or a few pieces of wood—
The final nail, the final prayer.
A pompous goodbye or a lively salute
Are nothing but very rare…

Not a choice of the day,
Nor a choice of the hour.
Neither a choice of place
Nor a choice of the manner.

No prerogative of any kind would you get
Except the station that sees you last.
Unless you rely on destiny,
Your job is amply vast.

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