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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Separation or Union?

I look at her, longingly, as she walks away,
Wondering when I would see her again.
Suddenly I can’t help but question
“Is she wondering the same?”

As she moves away further,
My heart reaches out to her.
And then it seems as if an intangible link,
Makes her turn around and, momentarily, blink.

Slowly, she waves back at me,
Fighting back tears-- I can easily see.
This fleeting moment she tries to stall,
She says it best when she says nothing at all.

I stand there, stunned and dazed,
Trying to take in every facet of that image;
Words fail us, but our eyes talk nonetheless!
How do they do it? Beats me even in regress!

The moment of parting finally arrives,
I can’t see her as tears mist my eyes.
I pray, “Allow me just one more glance!”
I am blessed, ergo I get my chance!

I see her—still waving but with moistened cheeks,
I run towards her when the engine creaks.
The gray beast moves on, taking her along with him,
I stop – helpless -- with my eyes dim.

Though she moves away further and further,
I find myself closer to her than ever…
Suddenly a voice, more like a whisper, speaks to me:
“These distances cannot keep us apart
‘Cause I’m there firmly stuck in your heart!”


Shawna said...

in my personal opinion, the best two lines are:

and then it seems as if an intangible link
makes her turn around and momentarily blink

SHEKHAR said...

well, at last the hidden romantic in the heart of the writer drains out from the pen.......

"feelings expressed with passion and sublime choice of words.."

Avijeet Sen said...

this is just 'fishing' awesum... i can just say whr were u all dese days..

i feel the all ur pieces of work are extremely refreshing to read, esp for ppl like me who literally find no English literary creativity here..

jainit said...

Dude!!!!!!why dont u become a writer.
This verse is perfect in all sense;apt title;beautiful expression of feelings;perfect rhyms at the end ot adjoinin lines:the most difficult part i think.

puneet k said...

fantastic ! though if u won't mind .. "She says it best when she says nothing at all" seems out of place here..

Ankit Kumar said...

@Puneet: I don't mind. You are entitled to your opinion.

The best part is: This poem has a sequel where she returns.

Do check out: "Hereafter, Forever..."