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Monday, September 29, 2008


You have looked at a river flowing downstream

And mused at its eloquent beauty.

You have seen the sunrise each day

And loved the radiance abound.

You have gazed at blooming flowers

Surrounded by flirtatious, clinging bees—

Watched them buzzy at their activities.

You have appreciated smiles on pretty faces.

You have stared transfixed at the moon—

The ethereal charm all over you.

You have smiled at a napping baby,

Mystified by innocence personified.

You have felt the cool breeze on your face,

Which sways the trees in a rhythmic faze.

You have seen the tide rise and fall,

You have seen hills, big and small.

You have admired beauty in all its splendor.

You have loved roses, soft and tender.

You have rejoiced at the advent of spring,

You have sung and have made many a heart sing.

But never have you mulled over the monotony,

That lies at the helm of all these ethereal beings.

Nature blossoming in all her forms,

Rejuvenated, refreshed— but never afresh.


Anonymous said...

here even the coffin for the dead
there lavish things are flaunted
here the God provide moonlight
there the gloom night does not pass
earth throows pabbles and stones
sky sends rain of fire
no one enquire about sad dews of the garden
linger the life of happyness
send the gloom to a coffin
where ever get the bunglows
bring them towards the huts

selling is going on everywhere
in single or couple of rupees
respect is being sold on roads
love is for sale on the shops
on each roads temples and mosques are there
will get gurudwara on each steps
in the towns of Gods
human being is suffering
open all the windows
break all the locks on door
even then if there is no light
lite the candle of your heart

accept all of them
all are the passengers of the same destination
shower love on all

Anonymous said...

over the green earth
its the blue sky
in which small carts of clods are being fly by the air
all parts are filled with colours
air filled with the enthusiasm
Who has dressed the flowers
Who is this artist?