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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Messenger

Why does this bird sing so sweetly?
I wonder what she says,
Is she calling out to her mate?
Or is she just too happy to be sedate?

I look at her yearningly, and think,
“We are quite different, you and I…”
You sing out of pleasure, or so I believe,
While I just look on as the sun bids me good bye.

The sun goes down, leaving me gloomy,
And the bird retires after her long day at work.
I also bend down to reach my gather of twigs,
And then, all I do is smirk!

How could I look for my twigs?
All I did today was think of her,
And another day is whiled away,
But then, it’s one less day of waiting…

I call out her name to the skies,
The clouds look back at me with sleepy eyes.
“She’s not up here,” they seem to say,
I know, I know; but what else do I try?

I look around, longing to catch a glimpse of her
But she’s nowhere to be found.
“Please let me set eyes on her again,” I implore;
Gods in the heavens chuckle and finally open a door.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, another bird alights,
She seems happy and she sings out of delight.
I feel assured that she had sent her here,
‘Cause though she sang, her voice seemed so near!


SHEKHAR said...

imagination well painted and very well rhymed too

rahul said...

Nice rhyme and style. I'd really like to hear about the 'inspiration' though..