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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love – A zero-sum Game

Attracted to her, like a moth to a flame;
She was a queen; he genuinely was lame.
Never could she remember his name,
Still, he pressed on, to board that fast train.
Most of his efforts went royally to vain,
Then, it was a different kind of pain.
She didn’t harbor much desire, it was plain,
But you see; Love is a zero-sum game.

Being a Romeo was his only claim to fame,
Persistency paid off, she did proclaim.
The fire ignited in spite of the rain,
(He had an umbrella to protect her mane)
The turn of events left many hearts maimed.
Strong was his mirth, she – pretty and vain,
They were caught together in many a frame.
Yes darlin’, Love is a zero-sum game.

Always at service for the pretty dame,
He lost his sleep (he never had a brain)
Tantrums galore but she wasn’t to blame,
Life for her had always been the same –
Whether this fool, or the one in the next lane.
Now he felt a different kind of pain,
One that stemmed from the agony of disdain,
Yes sweets; Love is a zero-sum game.

With a crunch cracked the damned frame,
Apart! Broken! Started the blame-game.
The next in line presented his claim,
Off she went, boarding another plane.
Left was he, soaked in the dirty lane,
Now, many would remember his name—
Added to the list of many pea brains,
Oooh, Love indeed is a zero-sum game.


Harpreet Bedi said...

:) Good one... Loved the title too

Ankit Kumar said...

Thank you Sardaar ji :)

Chhavi said...


Ankit Kumar said...

Thank you Chhavi.. :)