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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hereafter, Forever…

The radiant sun, the grass green,
The flirtatious breeze under the infinite blue,
The chirpy birds, the lake’s sheen,
The evening sky with its rosy hue,
The somber twilight, the wet rain,
The cold night breeze, the white moon,
The countless stars, the aging pain,
The empty terrace, the expectant room…
They wait with me, hold my hand,
Caressing it, try to explain.
Getting up, I take a stand,
“Bring her back,” I complain.

Amidst the hustle and bustle,
A loud report blows supreme;
The Gray Beast draws into the castle,
Its followers — still in sleep and dream.
The sun’s slanting rays
Peer through the billowing smoke.
Steering me from my daze
Is another whistle’s loud croak!
I turn my gaze away from the sun’s rays—
There I see her — looking expectantly on.
Oh! It’s been so many days—
And towards her, I am magically drawn.

Enveloped in magnificence,
Is she in her lavender gown—
The world, as if in cognizance,
Looks on, mute, yet without a frown!
The fling of the arms, the meeting of the eyes,
The unsaid words on either lip—
The gentle showers from the skies
Complete a candid, perfect clip!
Hand in hand, we walk together
Into the velvety sunlight —
In our hearts will remain forever
This consuming delight…

This poem is a sequel to a much older piece: "Separation or Union?". 
Follow this link to read it:


puneet k said...

its good ! though i have to admit that my imagination, while reading it, is kind of bounded by a assumption that writer is taking the content from or talking about his own life.. so my imagination unintentionally stuck to a face... which is not hazy but as clear as it can be.. it's just like reading a novel after watching a movie based on it.. :D what to do ? please help :)

Ankit Kumar said...

Imagine the faces of the individuals in the visual/pic from "Separation or Union?" :)

Let's go beyond words and faces and picture the whole scene in general.

As I said, it's balm for tired hearts and sleep for aching eyes. :)

Rasana Atreya said...

I'm no poet, but your poetry is extremely pleasing to the ear. I came across this. You might to check it out:

Ankit Kumar said...


I am elated to see that you liked my work. I have sent a poem to the contest you mentioned.

Thank you so much for your time and feedback. It gave me a renewed burst of energy!