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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Slandering from a Loner

Ah! This Darkness eats me up from inside,

And Loneliness proves to be its friend.

It is then that I realize –

Even Loneliness has deserted me!

Being a loner all your life,

You seldom notice want for another soul,

But, when this pretence breaks,

All you can do is cry.

You may say to yourself – “May be, I’ll give her a try.”

Never-knowing that the plan might backfire!

And when she does break your crystal heart,

It is then that you realize…

That the heart of a loner is too fragile,

And the other person may not see –

The “Handle with care” sign!

Though it’s very much there…

Now, the loner, with a shattered heart –

Fights every emotion to stay alive,

To cling on to dear life, barely with fingertips;

Back to his lonely cavern, he yearns, he mourns,

Again in the darkness – persuading with Loneliness,

To take him back as a friend –

Loneliness turns out to be more forgiving,

And the loner lives on, Loneliness by his side…

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