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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What if?

What if the sun never sets?

What if the sea never rests?

What if the moon never changes its shape?

What if the beavers look at you and gape?

What if the bud never pops?

What if the rain never stops?

What if the clouds never part?

What if journeys never start?

What if the fields wither and cattle perish?

What if all the meadows vanish?

What if the bird never sings?

What if the church bell never rings?

What if the flowers never bloom?

What if all beauty is wiped out?

What if the violent winds never cease?

What if the ship changes its course?

What if God’s own creations revolt against him?

What if they rise in mutiny and unleash the beast within?

What if they change the nature’s course of action?

What if they tamper with the fundamentals?

What if people forget how to speak?

What if they forget how to love?

What if they forget how to care?

What if you realise they are no longer there?

What if all happiness is gone?

What if all the stars burn out?

What if the world becomes flat?

What if the old run and kids pant?

What if the universe goes back to a nutshell?

What if the devil rings everybody’s death knell?

What if the world ceases to exist?

What if Man still doesn’t cease to persist?

What if all these questions are never answered?

What if all the seas can never be harboured?

What if all the ships can never be anchored?

What if the sheep lose their shepherd?

What if victory changes into defeat?

What if we can’t feel the ground beneath our feet?

What if the King suddenly drops dead?

What if these feelings are never stemmed?

What if?...


The philosophical Junkie said...

I read your stuff pretty regularly... This one is definitely one of the best

Parit said...

what if there were no money?????
what if all prayers were answered????
what if USofA had the population of India???
what if the world were flat?????
what if man could fly?????
what if every1 could be the PM????

my lame try at somethin u have done beautifully...... weell done......
keep it up........
jst one thing...........

try n rite somethin lovely....... something positive....

make ppl fall in love....

Shail said...

Those are quite a few what ifs!! Good one.