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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Different Tongue…

If words could speak…
Would they speak our language?
Would they be like people – good and bad?
Would they be happy and sad?
Would they love and hate?
Would they be young and old?

If words could speak…
Would elation bring more joy or happiness?
Would grief be sadder or sorrow heavier?
Would success be more fulfilling or sound sleep?
Would solitariness be lonelier than desolation?

If words could speak…
Would Man listen to Desire or Satiation?
Would he be tempted by Love over Lust?
Would he give in to Wrath or embrace Calmness?
Would he choose Narcissa or Altrusia?

Even if words could speak...
Death would still be absolute—
The ever powerful leveller.
Bereavement would still bring tears.
Darkness would still hound the Blind.
Estrangement would still bitter relationships.
Yet, a new-born would still smile,
Unaware of their existence.

But, wouldn’t it still cry when coaxed by hunger...?
Words speak; they speak a different tongue...


Dhruv said...

good stuff yaar! u could be n inspiration :)

Ankit Kumar said...

Thank you Dhruv.. Glad that you liked it :)

saurabh said...

Always thought words to be inert...Jus symbols...or blatantly put "dead"...So much of our exp is much what we perceive cant be put in words..and yet when we feel that we get connected to each other we reach spiritual communion...that feeling mite be for the first half of your poem my gut says a resounding "no"...did i mention i liked their futility....(refer later half)

Ankit Kumar said...

I've always believed in the notion:
But, I shall contend your stand on the alleged 'deadness' of words. These 'dead' words may not garner an appeal by themselves but when strung together, can move mountains.

Our history is dotted with accounts of people who have made a difference because they were forceful speakers. Keeping my belief in mind, remember Adolf Hitler, a diminutive man with a funny moustache, who moved a whole nation to bring about the greatest war in human history. I am not singing his praise for his actions, but alluding to the effectiveness of his means to achieve his end; Martin luther King Jr, Winston Churchill, so many more... the list is endless.

Being a monger of words myself, I shall say, yes, many emotions are difficult to put into words, and many still, better left unsaid. But the ability to express yourself precisely requires a mastery in the usage of this tool called 'words'. :)