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Monday, May 16, 2011

A to Z of Happyness

Add smiles to faces around you,
Bend rules for the good of all,
Clap aloud at performances,
Dance to tunes even during freefall.

Eclectic is what life can be,
Fun-filled and enchanting,
Guffaws and hearty cheers,
Happyness unrelenting.

Invest in your future no holds barred,
Jump up in glory once in a while.
Kindness will hold you steady,
Longing also can make you smile.

Manage your time for work and fun:
Nastier the boss, bigger the gun;
Open happiness with him still,
Pour out oodles, refill after refill.

Quench the thirst for success,
Race harder each time you fall.
Stand up for mercy and peace,
Together we can, can’t we all?

Utter those magical words frequently,
Venerate the old, help the needy.
Work hard, play harder, steadily.
Xerox delight copiously.

Yesterday is gone, today is a gift,
Zeroes matter, but only after a digit!

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