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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

That First Sight!

Two pairs of eyes meet –

And there’s an instant connection.

Sparks fly wild – two dry stones struck together –

Dried leaves and twigs catch fire.

The Fire thus instantly kindled,

Burns on in the two attracted hearts;

Yet a Chill runs down each spine,

Never realizing its neighbor’s presence!

Shaky, lingering glances ensue,

Lips arched in an inverted rainbow—

The separation though negligible,

Seems like a thousand miles.

Neither pair of eyelids bat,

A transfixed expression contains each face,

The legs— were they ever so heavy?

They had never walked so many miles!

The lips and the eyes do the famed trick,

A jugglery of sorts—

In tandem they reassure the other,

And the distances diminish!

They inch closer, two bodies – one soul,

The union blessed by its Maker.

Still smiles are all that fly,

Words lose all importance!

Each gazing into the other’s eyes,

The same famous question—

It needn’t be asked—

The answer is ‘Yes!’

Hand in hand, they walk on,

To be together all their lives—

Into the distant horizon—

The journey – it lasts a million miles!


Karl said...

wonderful poem...
who is it for?????;)
very nice one
go on writing....

Chhavi said...

Very beautifully portrayed poem.. I can actually visualize the scene.. :)
It seems emotions are flowing down the pen of the poet continuously, there is nothing that can stop them.. seriously its awesome.. n seems very real.. nobody can write this without experiencing it.. :D

loner said...


the mood has changed :)

saurabh said...

ahh refreshing indeed....was waitin for dis transmogrification ..gud job mate..

Priyanka said...

hey tats really too good...sahi description hai yaar..