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Friday, August 29, 2008

Empty, Empty World

It really is an empty, empty world

Now that I come to think of it—

We might be swimming in a sea of faces,

But how many of them do we actually know?

‘Friends’, ‘Good Friends’, ‘Best Friends’

You have them all… but for how long?

There will always come a time

When you’ll finally have to say ‘So Long!’

When you hold a hand

and feel the warmth, the affection,

hold on tight!

For it may not be eternal.

Live the moment till it lasts,

After all, it really is ephemeral!

‘Forever’ is such an overused word,

With its usage bordering on abuse,

People say ‘forever’ so easily, so profusely,

I wonder what they muse!

We never know which turn life might take next,

The left or the right,

Read on the following text,

This is where you just might

Learn to cherish a friend you have for now,

Realize how he is so very important.

What if he forgot your birthday?

There are so many more to come by!

Forget the past

And don’t worry about the future,

Don’t promise a ‘forever’…

Make this very moment last forever!

This moment will remain with you,

Tucked away deep in your heart,

Even if you two do have to drift apart.

When you look back on the days that were,

He will still shine on as the brightest star.

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