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Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Prayer

I failed so much; I forgot how to win;

Now, only this aching lies deep within—

That you get hold of my outstretched hands

And lead me on towards leveled lands.

Darkness is all that abounds around me,

Not even a solitary candle to light the way.

Hence I turn to thee and pray—

“Help me! Please help me!” — is all I can say.

While I hang from this cliff of my accumulated failures,

With only your fingers to support my weight,

I implore you to not let go,

And heave me up before it’s too late.

I need you to be there to hold my hand,

To whisper in my ear each time I stumble,

“Don’t worry, it’ll be alright…

Can’t you see I’m always there?”

I need you to be my guiding light—

The tower of patience—

Standing tall on the shore of this restless sea;

While the tumultuous waves hit back hard at you and me!

I know I have to be strong,

Though most of it is drained out of me—

I need you to help me stand each time I fall—

Help me win this relentless race…

How I wish you were here with me!

To hold my hand, to be with me,

To help me, to love me,

To care for me, to pray for me…

I look for you in every corner,

But you are nowhere to be found,

I cry out your name in this lonely darkness

But my echoes are all that still abound…

1 comment:

Chhavi said...

Its really difficult to pen down all that u feel.. nothing can be more painful than accepting your pains.. but no doubt very nicely put down.. n ya dont lose ur faith in God.. he is always there with everyone.. anyway awesome piece..